My farther’s day gift to my daddy.

Swampthings by Shouresh
1st taste of BDI of Summer’13. Saskatoon Sunday. Next time I’m getting a the GOOG
I want

I love all kinds of original, unusual designs. When almost everything and anything has been done before, it’s always a blessing to see something new around.
But a blue / white pill in guise of handbag still hasn’t crossed my mind until now. I’m happy to see it someone still thought of it and exploited the design into a limited edition, ultra – expensive handbags series: Christian Louboutin’s Pilule $7,000 bag, 100% resin is reportedly already out of stock. Imagine that!

Need this bag
Even when I am making supper for myself presentation still applies.
Suki Waterhouse (right) for TK Maxx
Suki Waterhouse (right) for TK Maxx
Insomniac doodle #doodles #doodlebook
#doodles #doodlebook